Thursday, July 15, 2010

Knitting a Tube on Straight Needles

I read recently that you can't knit a tube on straight needles. Yes, you can! And I don't mean that whole double-knitting-with-two-strands thing.

Cast on an even numbers of stitches. (Okay, use an odd number if you want to, but an even number will make things easier.) Knit one, slip one purlwise with the yarn in front. (That's K1, S1P, if you need an abbreviation.) Repeat these two steps to the end of the row. Turn the (straight) needle, and repeat the row. Keep going for a few more rows, and you'll see what I mean.

It's slower than working on dpn's or circs, and you'll probably end up with a looser fabric, but it really is possible.


  1. Bring the yarn to the front as if to purl, slip the next stitch from left to right with the tips of the needles pointing at one another as if you were purling, bring the yarn back to the back.

  2. Just curious how you bind off - mine seems a bit messy

    1. Just a standard bind-off. Unless you want the tube to be open, in which case you'd have to divide the stitches between two needles.

  3. AWESOME! This is EXACTLY what I've been searching for! Thanks so much!

  4. so i was trying to do something easy i could do while watching TV so i wouldn't have to keep track of which row i was on, and this was what i did. at first i thought i was doing something similar to a fisherman rib or shaker rib, b/c it was all puffy and thick, but then several rows in i realized that the two sides were not connected to each other at all! i reported this to someone who was experienced with knitting and they seemed to think that i was confused. so i've been trying to figure out what this is called! glad to at least have found someone else who knows this is possible!

  5. There is a website video that demonstrates this stitch. It's in Spanish but you can turn off the sound and still understand it. The language of Knitting!

    -- Arlene

  6. This doesn't. Help at all it is crap or shit which eva

  7. Don't swear you son of a bitch oops sorry for swearing..... :-\ but i mean it.