Saturday, August 21, 2010

Must. Kill. Cats.

Woke up this morning to loud, obnoxious music from the street. Entered living room to find that, some time during the night, little cat A and little cat B (but probably mostly B) found my half-knitted Lorna's Laces sport weight sock in a beautiful and DISCONTINUED color, dragged it into the kitchen, looped it around a couple of chairs, and dropped the remaining wad of yarn in the water bowl.

After some yelling, I put the yarn wad aside until I was emotionally capable of dealing with it.

Have been picking at the yarn wad bit by bit. Kitties chewed my nice, pretty wool into at least four pieces, and I still have a giant, tangled wad to pick through.

Good thing these were meant to be ankle socks. But still. This is twice this happened on this same sock.

Must. Kill. Cats.

Also, I picked the wrong day to de-caffeinate myself. Slept half the day, have a headache, and the cravings continue.


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